A lot of preparation goes into a trip like the one I have planned and start today. Now I'm just sitting in the departure lounge enjoying one of the few decent coffees I'll have over the next few weeks, hoping I've trained enough and my health holds up on the road.

Here are a few pics of my trusty steed and all the gear I need for a trip like this, that includes a 250km run w no water points or service station. Things like tools, spare parts, food and 15lts (15kgs) of water.

The fund raising has just ticked over the $1000 mark which is great considering I know many of you already donated to flood relief and Ukraine recently.

If you haven't received a personal thanks yet you will soon. Please leave your name in the notes on the donate page so I can get back to you. We'll here goes, whether I make it 100kms or the whole 3000kms home to Wollongong, I'm going to give it my best shot.

Big thanks to Colin Nixon (Trish ) for getting up at sparrows and getting me to the airport.