Day 5 - Kulgera to bush camp 126kms. Another year, boundaries pushed another border crossed. Wind dropped to about 20-25 kms which made a huge difference. Carried an extra 2lts of water and still did nearly double it managed on that horrible day 3 experience. To give you an idea of the difference the wind made on the first 3 days of my ride, I was primarily in low 15 of 27 gears those days and every time I looked at the odometer I was between 11-2kms p/hr. The last two days (as I'm posting this on day 6 55kms past bush camp at Marla) I was doing 20-30km/hr, almost always in the top 8 gears. 

This morning I cycled the 55kms to Marla in 2:22 minutes. It's stinking hot and I'm using the pool and waiting for it to cool before my next move. Reception is very patchy so i may be out of range for a couple of days until I get to Coober Pedy. Big shout out to the lovely family from SA who gave me a litre of ice water, home made sausage rolls and helped me fix my air mattress this morning. I managed to get a stag thorn in through the floor of the tent and popped it, I spent the night having to reinflate it every hour so I could sleep as the ground was rugged. I'm on 520km so far and after yesterday and today already doing 180k w 5 litres of water remaining, I'm hoping I may manage the really long 254km haul.