Day 2 - Stuart Wells to Erldunda. 110km w 20-30km headwind from start to finish and gradually increasing incline after halfway. Bike, gear and extra water 60kg.

It that was tough! 9-730pm. Got in an hour after dark, so glad I have great lights and was able to get right off the road for road trains. Was a day of mixed blessing. Two women gave me $20 cash donations. A man gave me boiled eggs (random but cool). I had two people pull over and give me cold drinks. But my solar panel died today. I tested it and it's a good quality one, but it's lasted two days. This is a big problem for me at this point in the trip. Also i carried 8 litres (kg) of extra water today. The further I go in this heat w this headwind the more water I will need, but the extra weight means i am slowing down and drinking more. So it's a conundrum and I can't see how I can carry enough water to do the 250km leg past Coober Pedy.